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IGN: Cqldfire
by Cqldfire » about 1 year ago

Hello all! Here are the server commands:

/global  - Toggles on and off messaging to the entire server! [YT/TW] ONLY!

/matrix kick {player} {reason} - Allows you to kick a player for breaking rules. [YT/TW] ONLY!

/matrix msg {player} {message} - Allows you to tell a player to stop breaking rules or they will be kicked. [YT/TW] ONLY!

/options - Opens lobby options menu. [Gamer] ONLY!

/report {player} {reason} - Report a player for breaking rules

/weblinks - Shows links for store, discord, and more!

/ytoptions - Shows the [YT/TW] options menu

/votetop - Shows the top 20 players for voting

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