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IGN: Cqldfire
by Cqldfire » about 1 year ago

Hello all! Here are the Elite PvP rules:

  1. No hacked clients or hacks of any kind
  2. No swearing, bullying other players, harassing other players, or other meanness (on server and forums)
  3. Certain mods are STRICTLY forbidden! (see below)
  4. No cross teaming in any games, and no teaming with other players in solo games
  5. No exploiting bugs for personal gain!
  6. No impersonating other players on the forums

Mods that are forbidden are:

  • X-Ray Mods
  • Minimap Mods
  • Mods that partially or fully reveal players with invisibility
  • Mods that increase flying speed


Breaking any of these rules may result in being kicked, banned, or loss of rank. You can apply for an unban in the appropriate forums section. Staff decide if you have broken these rules or not. Staff may update these rules anytime and you must follow the new rules IMMEDIATELY! You are able to be punished for a reason not listed in the rules above if staff feel it is wrong and hurting the server or other players.

Please report rule breakers using the /report command in game.


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