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by Cqldfire » about 1 year ago

This is a beginner's guide to Gunwars v1! If you are a first time player or are confused about something, read this!

Gunwars is a gamemode in which you use guns to fight other players or to get an objective. There are three current modes:

TDM (Team Deathmatch):

In Team Deathmatch your goal is to get as many kills as possible. There will be two teams, red and blue, and your job is to attack members of the other team. You can get kills by throwing grenades at people on the other team or shooting people on the other team with guns.

FFA (Free For All):

In Free For All your goal is still to get as many kills as possible. However, there are no teams, so you can attack anyone else on the map. You win the game by being the last player standing. 

CTF (Capture The Flag):

In capture the flag your goals are to capture the other team's flag, defend your flag, and get as many kills as possible. There will be two teams, red and blue, but each team will also have a flag hidden somewhere close to their spawn. You capture the other team's flag by walking into it, and then walking back to your base without getting killed.

Joining a game:

To join a match lobby, click on the gunwars match NPC in the main lobby once you join the server. A menu will pop up. Click the "join a match" option first to find a game. If the new menu that pops up is blank, exit the menu. Then re-click the gunwars match NPC and select the "create a match" option.

Once you successfully join a game, you will be teleported to the Gunwars match lobby and will be qeued for a match. The bossbar in the lobby will tell you which mode the game is in, the time until the match starts, and which map it is.


There are currently six maps, two FFA and four CTF/TDM.


  • Grind
  • Stormfront


  • Sovereign
  • Bayview
  • Warhawk
  • Compound

Map/mode Voting:

There will be two maps in your hotbar in the gunwars match lobby. Open your inventory and hover over each of them. Each will list a different mode or map. Close your inventory, and then right click on the one that has the map/mode you want to play. This casts a vote for that map/mode.

Main menu:

Clicking on the ender pearl in your hotbar will open the Gunwars main menu. 

There will be multiple items:

  • Create-A-Class:
    • In this menu, you can customize your classes, which are basically different combinations of guns, grenades, and perks.
  • Shop
    • The shop is where you can buy perks, guns, or grenades with credits. Credits are obtained by killing players, voting for the server with /vote, and completing assignments.
  • Combat Record
    • The combat record shows your kills, deaths, and kill to death ratio.
  • Assignments
    • Complete the assignments to earn credits (like quests on Hypixel).
  • Kill Streaks
    • Choose different kill streaks in this menu. Kill streaks are an ability you unlock in a match after getting a certain amount of kills.
  • Open Match Browser
    • You can join a different match in this menu.
  • Leaderboard
    • You can view the top Gunwars players in this menu.
  • Prestige Your Account
    • Feature coming soon!

More on Classes:

Classes, as said above, are basically different combinations of guns, grenades, and perks. After buying an item in the shop, to use it in game you must add it to a class. To do this, open the create a class menu, and select the item for the class.

Example: Say I bought the smoke grenade from the shop. To add it to class one, I would click on create a class, click on the top tactical weapon icon, and select the smoke grenade from the menu that pops up.

Have other questions you would like me to address? Comment below!

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